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Venous Insufficiency Duplex

We will perform a detailed scan of the lower extremity vein.  Duplex ultrasonography is the primary diagnostic tool used to evaluate patients with superficial venous insufficiency
Common examples for having this ultrasound scan are:

  • Evaluate for the presence or absence of venous insufficiency (also known as venous reflux).  Venous insufficiency occurs when valves in the veins are not working correctly, causing leg swelling, discomfort, and varicose veins.  This exam evaluates both the deep and superficial veins in the legs.

  • aching legs,

  • swollen ankles

  • spider veins.

  • Monitor existing venous insufficiency or follow-up after treatment.

We will provide a Radiologist report within 24 hours. 


Pre-scan preparation
Eat and drink as you normally would the day of the test.
Maintain normal medication.

Venous Insufficiency Duplex Pontiac
Venous Insufficiency Duplex Livonia
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