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Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Expand your Clinical Services with Advance Diagnostics Laboratories Corporation by offering ultrasound to your patients in the comfort of your office. Our fully digital portable systems provide superior imaging performance typically seen on high-end systems for uncompromised diagnostic confidence.

Advance Diagnostics Laboratories Corporation provides registered and certified Sonographers who undergo continuous training to keep their edge in the latest technology and diagnostic practices. With our service, physicians and patients alike experience top-notch service with our high-quality portable equipment and highly trained staff, making our turnaround time just 1 day from the date of order, and 6 hrs or less for STAT orders.
Your patients no longer have to wait weeks for their test appointments and results.

Exceeding Expectations One Patient at a Time

Advance Diagnostics Laboratories Corporation is a mobile ultrasound company offering physicians a convenient, integrated medical solution that enhances the quality of patient care.

Practice Success

ultrasound of the knee

Patient Retention

Advance Diagnostics Laboratories Corporation helps you minimize patients lost to follow-up, maintain contact and keep them engaged with your practice. We help prevent the need for patients to be sent for diagnostic services to another hospital group, allowing you to maintain control of the treatment.

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