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Ultrasound General :

Ultrasound Abdomen    

Ultrasound Renal with bladder

Aorta AAA screen

Pelvic Transabdominal

Pelvic Transvaginal (office only)

Pelvic Transabdominal and 

         Transvaginal (office only)

Pregnancy (OB) < 12 weeks 

Pregnancy Transvaginal 


Prostate Transrectal (office only)


Soft Tissue Neck

Soft Tissue Extremity














Ultrasound VAScular :

ExtrVeins Duplex  Bilateral  

Extr Veins Duplex  Unilateral

Lower Extr Arteries Bilateral

Lower Extr Arteries Unilateral

Upper Extr Arteries Bilateral

Upper Extr Arteries Unilateral

Carotid Duplex Scan

Abdominal Duplex

(Renal Arteries, Mesenteric)









Echocardiography :


(Ultrasound of the heart)


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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

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